Emergency Lighting

Emergency exit and escape lighting is not something you should be in the dark about. A power failure and subsequent loss of light at your place of work can be hazardous for you and your staff, even visitors and members of the public. Momentary panic can result in property damage, personal injury, even death.

Proper emergency lighting and signage are essential to keeping order and enabling safe and timely evacuation of your premises. Keeping exits and escapes clear and in good working order is a serious responsibility and a health and safety requirement.

We at AA Fire Safety can help maintain your emergency lighting. We guarantee the following:

  • Comprehensive inspections, testing and reporting to required standards
  • Improved security for your property and staff
  • Safer and more easily identifiable evacuation routes

Make sure your emergency and escape lighting is in working order before it’s needed. We will support you with regular inspections, testing and maintenance so that you can be confident if your lights go out, the emergency lighting and safety signs will lead your employees and visitors safely out of the building.