Health & Safety Training

There are four mandatory requirements from a health and safety legislative perspective. These include:

  • A safety statement
  • Risk assessments (site specific)
  • Training records
  • Health and safety knowledge

The courses we provide will help meet your obligations and allow for a safer, healthier workplace.

Manual Handling

To comply with current Health and Safety legislation, staff engaged in manual handling must be given training in safe manual handling techniques. This training will show your staff how to carry out manual handling tasks correctly and therefore avoid back injuries.

Manual Handling Instructors

This is an intensive and highly interactive course which will equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to effectively design and deliver manual handling training in the workplace.

Occupational First Aid

This course will provide the learner with the knowledge, practical skills to give effective life support, diagnose and treat injuries or illness, and maintain care and comfort of the casualty and an understanding required to provide and co-ordinate first aid in the workplace in compliance with health and safety legislation.

Occupational First Aid Refresher

Refresher courses are essential every two years for certified First Aiders to keep up with developments in First Aid practice, and to refresh skills that may be only intermittently used.

Safety Representatives

This course concentrates on training the attendee to apply sound principles to Safety and Health issues as part of a total strategy to reduce hazards and risks in the workplace.

Drivers CPC Training

Under EU directive legislation, it is compulsory for all professional drivers of buses and trucks to undergo periodic training. In addition to the regular driving license, the driver’s CPC is now a legal requirement. It is mandatory for all professional drivers of large public service vehicles (i.e. over 8 passenger seats) and goods vehicles with a permissible gross weight exceeding 3,500kg. the reason for the Drivers CPC is to harmonise the standard of driver’s knowledge and ability throughout the EU to enhance and improve road safety.