Fire Training Simulator

Fire Simulator:

A New Alternative to Live Fire Training (First in Ireland) "The BullsEye" uses advanced laser technology to SIMULATE the discharge of a light water/ foam and CO2 extinguishers for a completely clean, safe and effective training system.

It senses where the user aims the laser training extinguisher and automatically varies the LED driven digital flames in response. This allows your trainees to learn how to use a fire extinguisher effectively without the cost and clean-up associated with using light water/ foam and CO2 extinguishers.

The electronic control system responds to the trainees’ actions, putting the fire out only when the extinguisher is used correctly.

Huge Advantages:

1. Makes training to OSHA requirements safe and easy

2. Allows training to take place entirely in­doors, in the conference room, hallways, in the actual work environment

3. Can train up to 20 people in one sessionHas the ability to grade users making it easy to monitor improvement and proficiency

4. No refilling of extinguishers means no added extra

Clean Training:

The BullsEye uses a conical laser to replicate extin­guisher discharge rather than depending on a light water/ foam and CO2 extinguisher. Because only laser light is emitted from the training extinguisher, extinguisher training can now be conducted virtually anywhere. The digital flames also respond to com­pressed air and water extinguishers for additional training variations.

Safe & Effective Training:
The BullsEye uses LED driven digital flames and a laser training extinguisher to provide a dynamic and realistic simulation for trainees while eliminating the hazards associated with conventional fire extinguisher training.

BullsEye simulates class A, B and E fires at four difficulty levels and has the capability of grad­ing trainees on their performance. Hundreds of trainees can be trained in a single day without recharging any extinguishers. Thousands of corporations, universities, hospitals, fire departments and government agencies around the world are using these simulators.

The course takes 2 ½ hours and consists of the following:
1. Introduction to fire;
2. Fire safety procedures;
3. DVD on fire safety in the workplace
4. Fire extinguishers and their uses
5. Legislation in relation to fire safety
6. Outdoor demonstration in the correct use of portable fire extinguishers with a live fire demonstration
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